Colette Teurlings
film, video maker, storyteller. specializes in inspiration
Amsterdam / NL
The documentary Mijn Bovenburen broadcast by KRO-NCRV on 2Doc.
Various short video portraits of inspired & conscious entrepreneurs for personal branding.
The documentary Mijn Bovenburen was selected in 2016 for, among others, the Netherlands Film Festival (NNF)
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Het maken van:
1. inspirerende korte video portretten van bezielde en bewuste ondernemers &
2. persoonlijke portretten van mensen die een integer filmisch document willen nalaten aan familie, vrienden en volgende generaties.
COWORKSfilm is in het in bezit van -ook voor verhuur beschikbaar-:
- eigen camera + audio apparatuur: Sony PXW X70, Sennheiser zenderset, Rode NTG 1 richtmic + NTG 2, 2 x tripods, monopod, ledpaneel, gimbal DJI Ronin S.

- uitgebreide mojo set: iPhone 11 pro, beastgrip, Rode mini richtmic, Saramonmic draadloze zenderset, ledlampje en een iPhone gimbal DJI mobile 3.

Wim Schoevaart was archivaris van Ajax, waar hij sinds 1930 lid van was en vanaf 1988 erelid. Filmmaker Colette Teurlings leerde de oude man kennen als haar bovenbuurman. Zij kwam erachter dat mevrouw Schoevaart zijn liefde voor Ajax niet deelde, vooral omdat de club altijd op de eerste plaats...

With my company Coworksfilm I focus with great passion on making inspiring short video portraits of inspired and conscious entrepreneurs & on personal portraits of people who want to leave an honest filmic document to family, friends and future generations.

My history:
As an enthusiastic and driven all-round Film & Video maker (directing | reporting | research | camjo | editing | production) I have extensive experience in making films / videos / TV items / content (in all its facets) for both broadcasters / producers and online as well as for other substantively interesting projects where video is a means.

My first long documentary 'Mijn Bovenburen' (55.30 min) was broadcasted by KRO-NCRV on 24 June '16 and 26 Sept '17 at resp. 8.55 pm and 11 pm on NPO2. A project that I have been working on for more than 5 years, in collaboration with Pieter van Huystee Film. In addition, the film was selected for the Netherlands Film Festival 2016 where it participated in the debut competition. The film entered at the Eindhoven Film Festival was nominated in 2016 for 'best documentary' and 'best debut'. The film received an honorable mention from the jury.

My passion as a maker (and most experience) lies with human interest. In addition, I have also worked for infotainment, reality and entertainment TV programs.
I love (and enjoy working with) people of all ages and backgrounds; their world of experience inspires me!

I am regularly asked to advise on how to make short, high-quality videos with an iPhone and associated equipment.

In possession of a -also available for rental-:
- own camera + audio (Sony PXW X70, Sennheiser transmitter set, LED panel, Rode NTG 1 directional mic + NTG 2). 2 x tripods + monopod. Gimbal DJI Ronin S.
- extensive mojo set: iPhone 11 pro + beastgrip + Rode mini directional mic, Saramonmic wireless transmitter set + LED light, iPhone gimbal DJI mobile 3.
- I can edit well on my FCP 7.3 set and with Adobe Premiere Pro.
On Avid I can make simple pre-edits.
I have camjo experience with different types of Sony cameras (eg FS5, NXcam).

Look for (a part of) my work at:
  • editing - corporate film
  • editing - adobe premiere
  • directing - documentary
  • camjo
Corporate film, Documentary, Internet film