Dave Frederking
location sound, sound man and sound post-processing
Amsterdam / NL
Zembla • Nieuwsuur • The Phone - Peter R. de Vries • Dash • Canon • My Heritage • Bijenkorf • Beter Bed • FonQ • Nintendo • Mango Experience • Kruidvat • KvK • Tom Tom • Zwitsal • Citroen • Philips • Dettol • Oranjefonds • Oases in the Orient S1 + S2 • Oases in the Low Countries • from Atlas to Arabia • From Nablus to Nineveh • From Nineveh to Nazareth • Jesus of Nazareth • X Machines
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Locatie geluid opname en weergave
Multitrack opname
Multitrack zendertechniek
Frequentie coordinatie
MS stereo
Geluidsnabewerking | Pro Tools
Verborgen camera/geluidstechniek
Multitrack recording
Multitrack transmitter technology
Frequency coordination
MS stereo
Complicated recording in terms of technique
Aaton Cantar mini, digital audio recorder
Aaton, auxiliary mix buses and automixing option
Aaton A-Box 8, control box
Schoeps CMIT-5U, shotgun mic
Schoeps CCM-41, super cardioid mic
Schoeps CCM-8, figure eight mic
Neumann KM-184, cardioid mic
Elektro Voice RE50, handheld mic
Cinela PIA-1, windshield kit
Cinela Zephyx, windshield kit
Rycote WS-2, windshield kit
Panamic Mini-5 100/400, carbon boom
Panamic Mini-5 080/300, carbon boom
6 x Shure ADX5D, digital receiver
8 x Shure ADX1M, digital transmitter
2 x Shure ADX1, digital transmitter
1 x Shure ADX2/K9HS, wireless microphone
1 x Shure AD3, plug-on transmitter
2 x Shure ADX5BS-L, L-type battery sled
1 x Shure AD610, showlink access point
1 x Shure SBC210, accupack charger
1 x Shure SBM920, accupack charger
2 x Shure SBC840, ethernet 8-bay charger
1 x Shure Twinplex TL45/black, lavalier mic
1 x Shure Twinplex TL45/white, lavalier mic
4 x Shure Twinplex TL45/beige, lavalier mic
4 x Shure Twinplex TL46/beige, lavelier mic
2 x Shure Twinplex TL48/black, lavalier mic
2 x Shure Twinplex TL48/white, lavalier mic
2 x Sennheiser SK 500 G4, wireless system – IFB
6 x Sennheiser EK IEM G4, wireless system – IFB
1 x Sennheiser EK 100 G4, wireless system
2 x Shure UA874us, active directional antenna
2 x Betso Bowtie, wideband antenna
1 x BSRF AS62, active antenna splitter
4 x Tentacle Sync E, timecode lockit
1 x Ambient ACL-204, timecode lockit
3 x Aquapac waterproof radio mic case small
2 x Beyer Dynamic DT 770 Pro, headphones
1 x Swit S-3822S, v-lock dual charger
1 x Swit LC-D421, l-type quad charger
1 x Swit S-8113S, v-lock battery
2 x Swit S-8080S, v-lock battery
2 x Swit PM-98S, v-lock battery
6 x Swit S-8972, l-type battery
1 x Audioroot eSmart dual charger
5 x Audioroot eSmart battery
2 x Fostex 6301, active personal monitor
Apple MacBook Air M2, laptop
Kupo Master 30″, C-Stand/sliding leg
Boom-boy + gobo, accessoires
Adicam, filmcart
hardware knowledge
Aaton Cantar
Shure Axient Digital
Diverse (digitale) zendersystemen
IFB - In Ear systems
Yamaha mixing consoles
Allen & Heath mixing consoles
Avid mixing consoles
Midas mixing consoles
Sound Devices
software knowledge
Avid Pro Tools
Izotope RX Advanced
Shure Wireless Workbench
Avid Media Composer
Wave Agent
Tentacle Sync Studio
Aaton Aajax


Senior sound engineer (location) in possession of own equipment and studio for sound post-processing


  • sound recording (on location)
Corporate film, Commercial, Documentary, ENG / TV reports